TMDS Manual Mode

This screen is typical of a TMDS manual control screen.
The layout and fields displayed on the test screen vary depending on the specifications of the TMDS

An operator with a high-level password has access to the manual mode.  This screen gives the operator control over all test parameters.  This is necessary for experimental testing and determining automatic test parameters.  Only qualified personnel should use this feature since motor damage will result from improper use.

The ABORT button, which is surrounded by a red border for conspicuity, is selected in the case of emergency.  An emergency test termination is achieved by removing voltage from the motor and stopping motor rotation by instructing the dynamometer to apply a emergency braking torque to the motor.

The Heat Exchanger button, when selected, will display a form which allows for direct control of heat exchanger functions.  These functions include solenoid and water pump power control.

When selected, the Status button will display a informational screen which allows the operator to observe actions taken by the computer as well as the signals received by the computer.

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Status Screen
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The Calibrate button, when selected, will display a calibration utility.  Calibration is achieved through software which results in a very accurate and safe procedure.

The Power, Raise and Lower buttons allow for the energizing and control of the TMDS power supplies.