TMDS Information Submittal Form

Please complete the form below to tell us about your motor testing needs.  We will get back to you promptly with a detailed proposal.  The reset button will erase any data you have entered.  Click the Submit button when done.

1) Type of TMDS (select one)
    Fully Automated
    Manual Control only

2) Types of motors to be tested (select one)
    AC & DC motors
    AC motors only
    DC motors only

3) Motor Information
    Largest DC motor to be tested
        Rated horsepower:
        Rated RPM:
        Rated armature voltage:
        Rated armature amperage:
        Rated field voltage: (if separately excited)
        Rated field amperage: (if separately excited)

   Largest AC motor to be tested
        Rated horsepower:
        Rated RPM:
        Rated voltage:
        Rated amperage:
        Rated frequency:

4) Tests (select all that apply)
    Brush Seating & Armature Air Curing (DC motors only)
    No Load
Maximum Voltage
Maximum Speed
Load (requires dynamometer)
        Regenerative dynamometer
        Eddy-current dynamometer

    Loss (requires regenerative dynamometer)
    Locked Rotor (AC motors only)

    Static Tests
        Field Impedance (DC motors only)
        Insulation Resistance
        Winding Resistance (AC motors only)

5) Measurement options (select all that apply)
        Pinion bearing
        Commutator or Fan end bearing
        Commutator surface

        Pinion end
        Commutator or Fan end

    Bearing Noise
        Pinion end
        Commutator or Fan end 

    Special Measurements
        Armature Voltage FFT analysis (Fast Fourier Transform)
        Vibration FFT analysis 

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