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Traction Motor Diagnostic System™

Traction Motor Diagnostic System ™

The Traction Motor Diagnostic System (TMDS) is a computer controlled test system which automatically evaluates key performance characteristics of DC and AC traction motors. The TMDS is completely computer controlled so all that is required of the operator to perform a test is to connect the motor to the system and enter basic information about the motor into the TMDS computer.

The TMDS is available in various horsepower ratings. A dynamometer is used to load the motor. The TMDS is also available in a no-load version for rudimentary testing.

The TMDS can perform the following tests and procedures:

Static Tests

- Hipot
- Insulation Resistance
- Winding Resistance 
- Field Winding Impedance

Dynamic Tests

- Brush Seating and Air Curing
- No Load
- Saturation
- Maximum Voltage
- Maximum Speed
- Full Load
- Losses

During the testing, all motor data is displayed on the TMDS computer monitor. At the conclusion of the test, the TMDS prints out two different test reports. The TMDS also has a comprehensive database which allows for the tracking of motor performance, setting of test parameters and other important functions. A manual mode is available for experimental testing and determining test parameters.

Specific information and pictures of various TMDSs can be found in the New York City Transit Authority and Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority sections. Each TMDS is designed and built to the specific needs of our customer. Please contact us and tell us about your requirements or fill out the TMDS information form.

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