TMDS Test Screens

This screen is typical of a TMDS test screen for a DC motor.
The layout and fields displayed on the test screen vary depending on the specifications of the TMDS.

During testing, these screens are displayed on the TMDS computer monitor.  All test parameters, which appear in green text, are displayed in real time and allow for detailed monitoring of the motor under test.

There are three buttons on the test screen which the operator can select at any time.  The TMDS computer is complete with an industrial keyboard which incorporates a pointing device and mouse buttons.  To select one of these buttons, the operator would position the mouse pointer over the desired button and select it using the mouse button. 

The ABORT button, which is surrounded by a red border, is selected in the case of emergency and will immediately terminate the test by removing voltage from the motor under test and stopping motor rotation by instructing the dynamometer to apply an emergency braking torque.

When selected, the Status button will display a informational screen which allows the operator to observe actions taken by the computer as well as the signals received by the computer.

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Status Screen
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The Ready button is used by the operator to signal the computer that a task has been completed.  This button is generally used during the Brush Seat and Air Curing operation.

The computer will display various messages in the Message box during the test.  These messages alert the operator to certain conditions which occur during the test.

The Motor Information box displays the motor manufacturer, model, shop number and serial number.

The Test Mode box displays the test type being performed on the motor.

The Test Timer box displays the time remaining for the test being performed.